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Your Wife

Ah, Enrico's. The scene of so much! -- remember Elspeth descending on you, me, and Bob one boozy Friday evening? I'll never forget that night!


Oh, I certainly remember that. For so many reasons.


Okay, this blog officially jumped the shark when you and Amy started conversing via comment posts :-)


Oh, we jumped the shark way before that.

But the blog-comment thing actually has practical roots. When I'm in DC (one week each month), I stay at my brother's where 1) my cellphone doesn't work (Verizon dead zone), 2) there's no land line (he and his girlfriend rely on cells), 3) I can't use their cells (we're rarely at the house at the same time), and 4) there's no Internet connection (don't ask). So that week Amy and I usually communicate via email and blog comments.

We've carried the practice over into the rest of the month, even though we're both...here. And yet somehow it seems like a more appropriate response than shouting across the apartment, "I LIKED YOUR POST!"


Yea, the long-distance thing has added a definitely weird but fun epistolary dimension to our marriage. We get along a lot better on our blogs than we do in person.


It would be unseemly to fight via blog. And inefficient.


If you were well over 30 when it happened, is it really a "youthful indiscretion?" Just wondering. And yes, I have my Snarkypants on today.

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