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Ari's one of my favorites too, though Carol can't stand him. In general I like Jeremy Piven, but I think Carol, in general, doesn't like him. Hmm. I hated Entourage at first, but it's grown on me bit by bit. He's clearly the best thing going on in that show. What the hell are you doing with HBO. Is it out on DVD already?
I've noticed you'll usually find Mr. Piven tagging along wherever John Cusack is involved in the mix, old Chicago buddies I guess.
Regarding our conversation of the other day, I find myself repeating in my head "Who do you work for ?!!"


Ari is by far the best thing in that show, and I think Jeremy Piven is a goddamn genius. Of course he's unlikable, but that's sort of the point--he takes these venal, desperate characters and and gives them just enough humanity and depth to allow us to see ourselves in them. At the same time, he plays them with such zest that you can't help but be entertained.

And right now I'd pay to see Jeremy Piven much sooner than I would to see John Cusack, who's turned into a depressing, middle-aged hack (cf. "Must Love Dogs" and "America's Sweethearts"). Ugh.

Yes, "Entourage" is on DVD--still no cable. I can't deny the wish-fulfullment appeal of the girls and the cars and not-working-for-a-living, but I also really like E's story--this guy who doesn't know what he's doing, but who trusts his instincts, believes in himself, and keeps a (mostly) level head in Babylon.


Anonymous Librarian Wife

Ed made an astute comment after I wrinkled my nose in distaste after watching the pilot of "Entourage" and fled the living room rather than subject myself to more of the same: "'Entourage' is like "Sex and the City" for boys." No wonder I don't like it.

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