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To keep spyware at a minimum, I run the combination of Spybot S&D, Spy Sweeper, and Ad-Aware (in that order) at least, in the central Jersey vernacular, oncest a week. If an infestation is particularly nasty, several cycles of this procedure is required. Repeat until no more traces are found. Also, in bad cases, it's wise to temporarily disconnect from the 'Net so the malware can't "phone home."


I should practice what I preach and improve my own net hygiene. I'm using AA now, but I know you shouldn't rely on just one sweeper. And HijackThis came to my attention because of rumors (not sure if they're true) that LavaSoft has been taking payoffs to "white flag" some malware in AA. Scary, if true.

I've also heard, thanks to David Schrag's excellent newsletter (www.schrag.net) that Microsoft's new anti-spyware program--bought, not developed in-house--is actually the best out there right now.

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