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Pshaw, favicons are so 99. You need an audio brand like Intel's four-note audio signature. Play it every time you enter a room....


Personal audio sigs...and we all thought cell phones were getting annoying.

"Hey, have you heard my head's new ring tone?"


Thanks Alot! I am so happy! I created a favicon for my own page! Thanks alot to you guys for your wonderful and meaningful guide!

AsToRg, mYthiQuE persoNNage de roMaN...

Hi, I followed your tips on inserting a favicon file into my typepad blog root directory (http://dbdj.typepad.com) but although the favicon shows up when I use Firefox, it doesn't work with Safari. Is this because Safari uses a different way of identifying the favicon? I use Safari and would like any others that use it to see the favicon! If the reason is that the head section of the template doesn't have a tage to the favicon, basically Type pad make this a real pain to edit, unless you opt for an advanced template, which I'm reluctant to do because I'm not yet very good at HTML... Any ideas on reasons for the bug and solutions?

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